Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Commercial Photography) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 1999, Samantha has over 15 years experience as a professional photographer.  During this time she has gained comprehensive experience photographing a wide variety of subject matter including commercial photography, portraits, weddings, events and fashion shows.

Samantha is renowned amongst her clients for her grace under pressure, her ability to make her subjects feel confident and at ease, her attention to detail, and her technical prowess – a feature of her formal tertiary training.  It is these skills that enable her to capture dynamic and timeless images which represent her subjects at their best.

Above and beyond her technical skills, a photo shoot with Samantha is a unique, enjoyable experience; this allows the innate character of her subjects and the connection between them to truly manifest.

In her graduating year, Samantha was awarded the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Student Photographer of the Year Runner Up (Victoria) and has since featured in the prestigious Australian Commercial and Media Photographers Yearbook on several occasions and been awarded numerous Australian Institute of Professional Photography distinctions (for example, see here and here).  Samantha’s photography has appeared in various publications including The Weekly Review Melbourne, New Lawyer Language, and the eminent medical journal, The Lancet.